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At FIN, we are not only provide the best quality product, we also give our customer the best service.


Who We Are

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PT Fiberindo Integra Nusantara is a growing company meeting the needs of cable and equipment of the nation. In its development in future, PT. Fiberindo Integra Nusantara is determined to be part of the development of industrial and technology development in Indonesia.

We are committed that our product quality to be primary manner of its all aspects of the company.

Optical parameter is tested for all optical fiber cables, covering incoming material, intermediate inspection and final inspection by applying the highest quality testing equipment and operated by well-trained operators in order to meet customer’s requirement and our commitment to quality.



Our vision is to become the best provider of cable and equipment and be the most trusted company in Indonesia, which is able to serve with the heart, and provide the best service.




Our mission is to provide the best service and provide the needs of the cable market in Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke. We are aware the growing needs for Fiber Optic cable in the future development in Indonesia. Our dreams is to be able to participate in the process of integrating the nations' communications and technology development through our products.




What We Value



PT Fiberindo Integra Nusantara supports the next-generation high-capacity, high-speed communication networks essential for a broadband society, with cutting-edge technologies mainly for optical communications.




PT Fiberindo Integra Nusantara believe that teamwork is one of the sacred institutions in our business. We take care of our employees and look for better life for our team and family

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PT Fiberindo Integra Nusantara through the advanced integration of the technologies we continue to develop efficient and sustainable technology for our future.

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.
— H. Jackson Brown, Jr.